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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 12

Annual Meeting at Muskogee   3
Sons of the American Revolution John B. Meserve 4
Reminiscences of Charles F. Colcord   5
The Murder of Elias Boudinot   19
The Story of Sequoyah's Last Days   25
Dwight Mission   42
Right Rev. Francis Key Brooke, D. D., Bishop of Oklahoma Rev. H. J. Llwyd 52
Father Murrow Alice Hurley Mackey 55
Christian Missions to the Overhill Cherokees Saml. C. Williams 66
Survey of a Wagon Road from Fort Smith to the Colorado River   74
Rev. Amory Nelson Chamberlin Lon H. Eakes 97
Gen. James M. Shackleford Carolyn Thomas Foreman 103
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors   112
Necrology   117
Annual Meeting at Muskogee Emma Estill-Harbour, Ph. D. 123
Temperance Meetings Among the Choctaws Peter J. Hudson 130
A Century of Prohibition Grant Foreman 133
A Trial and Execution Among the Creeks Robert L. Williams 142
Greer County Emma Estill-Harbour, Ph. D. 145
Cynthia Ann Parker Paul I. Wellman 163
The Chouteaus   171
The Journal of John Lowery Brown of the Cherokee Nation en Route to California in 1850 Muriel H. Wright 177
Notes Grant Foreman 214
Books Recently Added to Library   222
Minutes of the Annual Meeting Oklahoma Historical Society   227
Necrology   236
Story of the Telephone in Oklahoma Eula E. Fullerton 251
The Murder on Turkey Creek Martha Buntin 258
The Red Stick War Arthur H. Hall 264
Reminiscences Peter J. Hudson 294
The Trial of Stand Watie Dr. Grant Foreman 305
Kiowa Sun Dance Lieut. Wilbur S. Nye 340
Ponca and Nez Perces Indian Letters taken from Corner Stone   359
Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Wichita Agency C. Ross Hume 364
Notes   366
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors   369
Necrology   372
Charles F. Colcord   381
Life of George W. Steele Dan W. Peery 383
Twenty-seven years a State Dan W. Peery 393
Wapanucka Academy Muriel H. Wright 402
Governor William Leander Byrd John B. Meserve 432
Excavation of Caddoan Earth-Lodge H. R. Antle 444
Trading Post at the Crossing of the Chickasaw Trails Dr. Anna Lewis 447
The Cherokee Gospel Tidings of Dwight Mission Carolyn Thomas Foreman 454
St. James of Wagoner Miss Daisy Shannon 470
A Choctaw Landmark A. D. Hefley 474
Notes   479
Book Review   481
Books Recently Added to Library   483
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors   486
Necrology   492

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