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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 10

-Volume X—March, 1932—Number I-
Editorials   5
The Muskogee Historical Society Parthenia Gregory 10
The Hon. Alice M. Robertson Grant Foreman 13
Clarence W. Turner Grant Foreman 18
Events Among the Muskogees Clarence W. Turner 21
John J. Gerlach Joseph B. Thoburn 35
Engagement at Cabin Creek, Indian Territory Annie Rosser Cubage 44
Chief Isparhecher John B. Meserve 52
The Choctaw Academy Carolyn Thomas Foreman 77
The Opening of the Cherokee Outlet Joe B. Milam 115
Book Reviews   138
Minutes Quarterly Meeting of Board of Directors   140
Obituaries   144
-Volume X—June, 1932—Number II-
Editorials   155
History of the Oklahoma Historical Society Judge Thos. H. Doyle 162
Green Corn Dance John R. Swanton 170
Beginning of the Geological Work in Oklahoma Charles N. Gould 196
The Quaker Indian Agents of the Kiowa, Comanche and Wichita Indian Reservation Martha Buntin 204
Journal of a Tour in the Indian Territory Carolyn Thomas Foreman 219
Mississippi Choctaws Edward Davis 257
A Brief Review of the Life of Eliphalet Nott Wright Muriel H. Wright 267
Janie Gwin Matson Mrs. Cora Miley 287
J. J. Burke Dr. A. C. Scott 290
Minutes Annual Meeting of Society   293
Minutes Quarterly Meeting of Board of Directors   296
Necrology   299
-Volume X—September, 1932—Number III-
Phil D. Brewer   305
Editorials   306
The MacIntoshes John Bartlett Meserve 310
An Unpublished Report by Captain Bonneville with Introduction and Footnotes Grant Foreman 326
Edwin Williams, Engineer Hubert E. Collins 331
The Indians' Friend, John H. Seger Dan W. Peery 348
The Beginning of the Leasing of the Surplus Grazing Lands on the Kiowa and Comanche Reservation Martha Buntin 369
Education in the Choctaw Country after the Civil War Angie Debo 383
Rev. John Edwards' Account of the Choctaw Indians in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century John R. Swanton 392
Irving's Tour on the Prairie Joseph B. Thoburn 426
Book Reviews   434
Proposed Amendment to the Constitution Joseph B. Thoburn 438
Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors, Oklahoma Historical Society   439
Necrology   442
-Volume X—December, 1932—Number IV-
Memorial Resolution, Phil D. Brewer   455
Editorial   457
Notes   460
Address of Hon. Charles N. Haskell   464
Salt Works in Early Oklahoma Grant Foreman 474
Recollections of Peter Hudson   501
Ben Williams, Frontier Peace Officer Hubert E. Collins 520
General Stand Watie Mabel Washbourne Anderson 540
George Shannon, Historical Sketch Daisy Shannon 549
Report of Placing a Marker in the National Cemetery at Fort Gibson for Col. John Nicks, Veteran of the War of 1812   553
The Grand June Council Lydia Huntly Sigourney 556
John Rollin Ridge in California M. A. Ranck 560
The Indians' Friend, John H. Seger Dan W. Peery 570
Book Review   592
Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Directors, Oklahoma Historical Society   597
Philip Doddridge Brewer R. L. Williams 600
Necrology   604

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