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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 8

Editorials   1
Early Day Courts and Lawyers A. G. C. Bierer 2
Tribute to Captain D. L. Payne (Continued from last number) W. H. Osburn 13
The Dragoon Campaigns to The Rocky Mountains Joseph B. Thoburn 35
The Government of the Creek Indians Ohland Morton 42
Early Navigation and Commerce along the Arkansas and Red Rivers in Oklahoma Muriel H. Wright 65
Entertainments of the Spanish Explorers Winifred Johnston 89
The First Two Years (Continued from last number) Dan W. Peery 94
Necrology   129
Minutes of Annual Meeting   141
Editorials   145
Notes on Perryville Muriel H. Wright 146
The Life and Work of Sequoyah John B. Davis, B. S., M. A. 149
Jacob Fowler's Journal, (Oklahoma Section) W. Julian Fessler 181
Government of the Creek Indians (Continued from March No.) Ohland Morton, Eastern Oklahoma College, Wilburton, Oklahoma 189
Fort Towson W. B. Morrison, Southeastern State Teachers College, Durant, Okla. 226
John Chisholm, A Soldier of Fortune Kate White 233
Necrology   240
Minutes of Annual Meeting   245
Editorials   249
The White Kiowa Captive Dan W. Peery 257
The Battle of the Washita By Tahan 272
Temporary Markers Historic Points J. Y. Bryce 282
A History of the Cherokee Indians Hugh T. Cunningham 291
Organization of Counties in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations Muriel H. Wright 315
Book Review   335
Last Days of Dr. Emmet Starr Micah Pearce Smith 339
Proposed Amendments of Constitution   343
Minutes of Annual Meeting   346
Necrology   350
Oklahoma Historical Society Building   359
Editorials   365
The Legend of the Battle of Claremore Mound Rachel Caroline Eaton 369
Some Remnants of Frontier Journalism M. A. Ranck 378
General John Nicks and his Wife, Sarah Perkins Nicks Carolyn Thomas Foreman 389
A History of the Cherokee Indians Hugh T. Cunningham 407
Meeting of Board of Directors   441
Book Reviews   444
Necrology   454

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