Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 7

Editorials J. Y. Bryce 1
Early Post Offices of Oklahoma Grant Foreman 7
Dedication of Monument on Black Mesa Charles N. Gould 34
Letter to Society Lincoln McKinly 55
Tribute to the Old Settlers of Oklahoma, An 89’er Frank C. Orner 57
Captain Nathan Boone’s Journal W. Julian Fessler 58
Alexander McGillivray Carolyn Thomas Foreman 106
A Short Historical Sketch T. E. Beck 121
Necrology   123
List New Members of Society   128
Minutes Annual Meeting   133
Editorials J. Y. Bryce 137
Clifton Pioneer Society of Quapaw Valley S. Carrie Thomson 139
Bits of Interesting History W. C. Riggs 148
Nathaniel Pryor Grant Foreman 152
Indian Against Indain James Culberson 164
Cimarron Territory T. E. Beck 168
Alvin Woods’ Retreat From Prairie Grove Charles J. Phillips 170
Notes of Interest Concerning Peter P. Pitchlynn Carolyn Thomas Foreman 172
Fort Washita W. B. Morrison 175
First Explorer of Red River B. L. Phipps 180
The Indian’s New Resurrection Myth   183
Banking In Indian Territory During the ’80s B. L. Phipps 186
Some Geographic Names of French Origin in Oklahoma Muriel H. Wright 188
Necrology   194
List of New Members   202
Minutes of Quarterly Meeting   203
Meeting of Building Committee and Board of Affairs   206
Editorials J. Y. Bryce 207
Prehistoric Cultures of Oklahoma Joseph B. Thoburn 211
The Foreign Mission School at Cornwall, Connecticut Carolyn Thomas Foreman 242
A Reminiscence of a Methodist Minister’s Daughter Mrs. Flore Paine Eichenberger 260
Tribute to Captain D. L. Payne W. H. Osburn 266
Introduction: The First Two Years Dan W. Peery 278
The First Two Years Dan W. Peery 281
Site of Dancing Rabbit Creek Preserved Czarina C. Conlan 323
Wagoner Man Owns Portrait By Sully Miscellaneous 329
An Historic Letter From Old Files 331
Resolution of Appreciation By Board of Directors Oklahoma Historical Society   332
Resolution By the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City Branch, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City   335
Some Historical Items of Interest J. Y. Bryce 337
Lost Gold Mines of Oklahoma B. L. Phipps 341
Necrology   343
Minutes of Historical Society   352
List of New Members   358
Proposed Change of Constitution Oklahoma Historical Society Mrs. Jessie R. Moore 359
Editorials J. Y. Bryce 361
A Cherokee Pioneer, Ella Flora Coodey Carolyn Thomas Foreman 364
Tribute to Captain D. L. Payne W. H. Osburn 375
Brief Outline of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations in the Indian Territory, 1820 to 1860 Muriel H. Wright, Assisted by Peter J. Hudson 388
The First Two Years, (Continued from last issue) Dan W. Peery 419
Letter from Los Angeles Frank G. Decker 458
Keeping the Record Straight Mrs. C. W. Brown 461
Another Indian Book Joseph B. Thoburn 468
Beginning of Methodism in Indian Territory J. Y. Bryce 475
Necrology   487
Minutes of Historical Society   501

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