Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 6

Editorials J. Y. Bryce 1
Early Post Offices In Oklahoma Grant Foreman 4
Fort Arbuckle W. B. Morrison 26
Ranching On the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation E. E. Dale 35
The Work Of the Early Choctaw Legislature W. J. Fessler 60
Five Hundred Million Dollars Chas. N. Gould 69
Matt Duhr’s Letter
Colonel Forbis LeFlore, Pioneer Statesman
Mrs. A. E. Perry 75
Sketch of B. N. O. Walker Mrs. C. C. Conlan 89
Necrology   94
Minutes Annual Meeting Oklahoma Historical Society   99
The Removal of The Choctaws to Indian Territory Muriel H. Wright 103
Some Adventures of Captain Bonneville Annie E. Ford 129
Military Discipline in Early Oklahoma Carolyn Thomas Foreman 140
Oklahoma Mineral Exhibit at St. Louis World’s Fair Chas. N. Gould 145
Early Post Offices of Oklahoma Grant Foreman 155
Some Reminiscences of the Cherokee People Returning to Their Homes,
The Exiles of A Nation
Wiley Britton 163
Interesting Anti-bellum Laws of the Cherokee Nation James W. Duncan 178
Naming of the Canadian River Joseph B. Thoburn 181
Spanish Exploration of Oklaoma 1599-1792 A. B. Thomas 186
Proposed Amendment To Constitution of Oklahoma Historical Society R. L. Williams 214
Necrology   215
Minutes Oklahoma Historical Society   235
Names of Members Oklahoma Historical Society Alphabetically Arranged by Counties   237
Book Review Joseph B. Thoburn 252
Colonel Joe C. Miller, An Appreciation Corb Sarchet 255
Tradition Of the Cheyenne Indians John H. Seger 260
Early Post Offices in Oklahoma Grant Foreman 271
Intermarried-Whites in The Cherokee Nation A. H. Murchison 299
Letters of the Two Boudinots Edward Everett Dale 328
The Fly Leaf J. J. Methvin 348
About Some of Our First School in Choctaw Nation J. Y. Bryce 354
Necrology   395
Book Review W. Julian Fessler 403
Editorials J. Y. Bryce 405
Early Post Offices of Oklahoma Grant Foreman 408
The Risks Of Army Desertion on the Frontier Joseph B. Thoburn 445
Elizabeth Fulton Hester E. McCurdy Bostic 449
The Choctaw Academy Carolyn Thomas Foreman 453
Resolution from State Capitol, Mississippi   481
Pioneer School Teaching at the Comanche-Kiowa Agency School, 1870-73 Joseph Butler 483
The Meaning of the Name of the Mississippi River Murial H. Wright 529
Necrology   532
Report to Board of Directors, Oklahoma Historical Society   536

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