Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 2

Some Aspects of the Santa Fe Trail Ralph P. Bieber 1
Military Reminiscences of Captain Richard T. Jacob Richard T. Jacob 9
The Three Forks of the Arkansas Grant Foreman 37
A Pioneer Railroad Agent Arthur W. Dunham 48
Courts of the Cherokee Nation William P. Thompson 63
Origin of County Names in Oklahoma   75
Annual Meeting   83
Book Reviews   85
Notes   88
William Parker Campbell, An Appreciation   93
Medicine Lodge Peace Council Alfred A. Taylor 98
The Centennial of Fort Gibson Grant Foreman 119
Warren’s Trading Post William H. Clift 129
The Cherokee Question, with Editorial Introduction   141
Annual Meeting   243
French Interests and Activities in Oklahoma Anna Lewis 253
Folklore of the Southwest J. Frank Dobie 269
Protestant Missions Among the Osages Morris L. Wardell 285
Red River and the Spanish Boundary in the Supreme Court Grant Foreman 298
John Hobart Heald, Pioneer Trader Muriel H. Wright 311
The Struggle for the Removal of the Territorial Capital Dan W. Peery 319
Book Reviews   325
Contributors   328
La Harpe’s First Expedition into Oklahoma Anna Lewis 331
The Nineteenth Kansas Calvary in the Washita Campaign Col. Horace L. Moore 350
Bloomfield Academy and its Founder Mrs. Susan J. Carr 366
Horace P. Jones, Scout and Interpreter Joseph B. Thoburn 380
Shawnee Friends’ Mission S. Carrie Thompson 392
Oklahoma City’s Indian Scare Charles A. McNabb 395
William J. Weaver   398
Passing Pioneers   400
Semi-Centennial of the Battle of Adobe Walls   402

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