Chronicles of Oklahoma

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Chronicles of Oklahoma
Volume 1

Volume 1, No. 1—January, 1921
Editorial   3
A Sequoyah Centennial   5
The Separation of Nebraska and Kansas from Indian Territory Roy Gittinger 9
Some Letters of General Stand Watie Edward E. Dale 30
The History of No-Man’s Land, or Old Beaver County Morris L. Wardell 60
The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers W. S. Campbell 90
Book Reviews   98
Historical News Items   104
Volume 1, No. 2—October, 1921
Editorial   114
Wheelock Seminary Allen Wright 117
The Paternity of Sequoyah the Inventor of the Cherokee Alphabet Albert V. Goodpasture 121
Additional Letters of General Stand Watie Edward E. Dale 131
The Flight of the Kickapoos   150
A Word of Appreciation   156
Volume 1, No. 3—June, 1923
Editorial   157
Book Reviews   161
Mississippi Valley Historical Association   163
The Spirit of Sooner Land Edward E. Dale 167
The Last of the Cherokees in Texas, and the Life and Death of Chief Bowles Albert Woldert 179
The Progress and Possibilities of Mississippi Valley History Solon J. Buck 227
Comanche Civilization with History of Quanah Parker Daniel A. Becker 243
Passing Pioneers   253
Reminiscences of the Washita Campaign and of the Darlington Indian Agency John Murphy 259
Anniversary Meeting of the Oklahoma Historical Society   279

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